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The state of gamedev in Haxe

Preamble: I posted this on reddit half a year ago, so it's slightly outdated, but I want to keep a copy of it in case my server outlives reddit (a man can always dream). Hey fellow devs, I've been making games non-stop for like four years now. I tried PyGame,… Read more

Haxe tips: including/calling JS from your Haxe code

Whelp, just realized it's been a year since I've posted stuff here. I'm not committing myself to a regular posting schedule or anything, but over the past year I've had my fair share of adventures with Haxe, and I finally have interesting stuff to blog about. So I'll be dropping… Read more

Enabling FlashDevelop Debugger for OpenFL (Flash target)

Before I switched to Haxe, I was using FlashDevelop to write some AS3 code. From time to time a wild bug would appear and BOOM! the application stops, the stack trace appears, and FlashDevelop shows a list of local variables. That list of local variables is a tremendous help for… Read more

2D Platformer Pathfinding (gravity sucks) - Part 2 - Model

I can hardly remember the artificial intelligence Udacity courses I listened to years ago, but I still remember that it's very important to determine how the navigatable space will be represented. It's fairly obvious anyways, so here we go: I chose to represent walkable surfaces as lines represented by their… Read more