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Online multiplayer

Open-sourcing SkullRush

SkullRush is now on GitHub: https://github.com/Ohmnivore/SkullRush I realized that I was making SkullRush for fun. I know that it won’t be an easy game to market, nor do I have a lot of marketing opportunities. So, I’m just going to release the SkullRush source… Read more

SkullRush downloads and links

Update The masterserver and forums have since been taken offline. The game now solely resides at https://github.com/Ohmnivore/SkullRush Downloads The game’s client (all you need to play): http://ohmnivore.elementfx.com/SkullClient.zip The game’s server (for hosting): http://ohmnivore.elementfx.com/SkullServer.zip Links… Read more


HaxeFlixel is in many aspects a better game engine than the original Flixel. There’s no doubt about it. Its best aspect, in my opinion, is the Haxe language itself. It compiles to a bunch of targets, has many advanced language features, and has external c/c++ support. Yeah. The… Read more