Posted on January 15, 2014

GitHub repo

BitPlayer is a continuation of BitPlayerWeb. Initially BitPlayerWeb was a simple flash app that allowed me to quickly listen to a chiptune file without needing to hobble through file explorer. I only needed to provide a download URL to “stream” the file. BitPlayer extends on that functionality and adds new ones. It’s also an Adobe AIR app and targets the desktop. It’s my attempt to make an actual music player for tracker files, along with a primitive library manager. I’m not planning to re-write iTunes, I just want something that will allow me to listen to chiptune in its native format without the hassle I need to go through at the present moment.

It was also inspired by my old Sansa player. It may not have a touch screen, a speaker, or anything the iPods boast about, but it has an extremely convenient and uncluttered interface.


  • Play next/previous tune buttons
  • Better playlist management
  • Play next song in the list as soon as the current one finishes.