Posted on January 11, 2014

GitHub repo here


It’s a simple retro tracker music/chiptune “streamer” I made out of exasperation from ModArchive’s JMOD Java player (I’ve been having trouble with Java conflicts recently). The result is an elegant UI (feathers UI) that uses BulkLoader to download the file from a URL you pass in (tracker files are so small it feels like streaming). It’s built upon the excellent Flod library by Christian Corti.

So far, in-browser urlrequests don’t seem to work. Everything works fine when running from desktop, so grab the swf here. Actually, thanks to Adobe’s idiotic policy files an in-browser can’t send requests to an outside website, unless it’s hosting a policy file, which most websites don’t do (ModArchive included).

Bottom line: unless the website from which you will be downloading the file is hosting a crossdomain.xml file to cope with flash stuff/which most people don’t bother doing, run this swf from your desktop. Just download and run with Flash Player.

Here it is: