Peasant Knight Devlog 0

Posted on January 10, 2016

TigSource devlog:

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Peasant Knight is like a love ballad to gamedev. For a few months before I began making this game I was doing a lot of raw programming. I was getting increasingly bored, and felt like I was stalling. So, I decided to make an enjoyable game that’s not a big challenge to code, and to actually finish it!


Peasant Knight is a puzzle-platformer. With a twist. You’re relentlessly dashing into the face of danger, namely traps like suddenly erupting flame pits. You can only go forward! Or stop.

The game challenges your muscle memory and eye-hand coordination, but I want most of the thrill to come from solving levels, each level is like a complex machine of traps that you need to grasp and navigate through.

About this devlog

As development progresses I will be often writing updates that will discuss the technical and design challenges I will have faced. It’s what I enjoy the most in other peoples’ devlogs, so I’ll make sure mine is worthwhile in that respect.

Upping the difficulty a bit:


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