Posted on November 23, 2013

So uhm like what is Streamy? It’s an online multiplayer networking library written for Adobe AIR (meaning it runs on desktop and mobiles, but NOT ON THE WEB). It’s also the result of two days of hard work. It doesn’t run on the web because the web is discriminatory towards UDP sockets. Okay, actually it’s because of security concerns, but still. It’s basically a blend of UDP and TCP because, you know, best of both worlds. The entire goal is to provide a simple, intuitive sort of API.

The project was inspired from a wonderful python module I had the pleasure of using: legume.

GitHub repo here. Superseded by

Here’s how to send a message.

testclient = new TestClient("", 5600, 5600);
testclient.Connect("", 5605, 5605);

testmsg = new Message(10, testclient);
testmsg.msg["greeting"] = "Hullo, how do you do?";
testmsg.SendUnreliable(); //or testmsg.SendReliable() if you're a reliable person