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The actual reason for Titanfall 2's perceived low player population

Preamble I bought Titanfall 2 for PC at a discounted price a few weeks ago. I had wanted to get it since launch, but I was deterred by the players' claims of a low player population. I was more than ready to believe them after witnessing EA's Titanfail of a… Read more

The state of gamedev in Haxe

Preamble: I posted this on reddit half a year ago, so it's slightly outdated, but I want to keep a copy of it in case my server outlives reddit (a man can always dream). Hey fellow devs, I've been making games non-stop for like four years now. I tried PyGame,… Read more

Peasant Knight Devlog 5

The past few weeks/month have been completely crazy, but yay I just found some time to write a proper devlog update. I'll sum up some of the changes that I've made to PK. Lightning bar The new lightning bar (replacing the timer) has made it into a few screenshots… Read more

Peasant Knight Devlog 4

Wow. It's been a while. So much has happened, I don't even. Big news first: Peasant Knight is coming to the Nintendo 3DS! That's right. I met a team member of http://www.ratalaikagames.com in a chat room, and a few days later we're married. Just kidding, he checked… Read more

Peasant Knight Devlog 3

Yay! New stuff! Finally got to work on some new gameplay things. Also added new levels, for a grand total of 16. Here are the portals in action: I swear, there's a way to beat this level. Also, not every level is this difficult. Portals were pretty easy to program,… Read more