It's a 3D engine I'm working on at the moment. I hope to make a class-based multi-player FPS with it someday. My game Subsector was made with BlipEngine.

Date: February 2016 - ongoing


A minimal video player

GitHub repo: Written in C++, it's a lightweight video player made with Qt5 and vlc-qt. Supports selection of video and audio tracks, and subtitles. Supports the same range of formats that VLC does. Basically a less bloated GUI for VLC.

Date: November 2015


A cross-platform desktop music player and minimal library manager, written using PyQt(5)

GitHub repo: SpaceAudio aims to be a less bloated version of most modern desktop music players. I developed it according to my own needs: listen to music, and (automatically) organize tracks by artist and album. Nothing more, nothing less.

Date: July 2015

ChopChop Script

An interpreted script language written in Haxe, GitHub repo with tons of more info: The syntax strongly resembles Haxe itself, and it can call Haxe code that is shared with it during runtime. Ideally ChopChop would be used for a plugin system. This was my take on lexers, parsers, ASTs, and other such joys.

Date: March 2015 - ongoing

Tech Book Notes

Bullet-point form summaries of various books about programming and hacking (in a broad sense), GitHub repo: The point is to provide a quick way to refresh memories of a book a long time after it has been read.

Date: April 2015 - ongoing

Dank ASCII Meme Klipboard (DAMK)

DAMK is a Google Chrome browser extension written in Javascript. Chrome Webstore page here:, GitHub repo:

Date: May 2015


This is a cross-platform CHIP-8 (aka Pong) emulator written in Haxe. It's fairly abstracted so you can implement it in any other engine, but the sample includes an OpenFL language. GitHub repo and more info here.

Date: March 2015


AdventureEdit is 2D sprite-based level editor. GitHub repo and more info here.

Date: January 2015


FlxSpriter is a tool designed to display sprite animations as you work on them in your favourite image editor. A GitHub repository with more info can be found here.

Date: January 2015


FlxShell is an open-source (repository here) Linux-like environment written in Haxe. A Flash demo is available.

Date: November 2014


TileSetter is a tileset editor. It allows you to define properties, then set individual tiles' properties' values. Github repo here. It's sort of a complimentary tool to OgmoEditor.

Date: March 2014


HaxeNet is a wrapper around ENet, but for Haxe. Allows reliable UDP messaging, in short. GitHub repo here. Original post here. Development in parallel with SkullRush.

Date: March 2014


A Haxe port of CLAP (a command line argument parser):

Date: June 2014

Portable Cleanup Suite

Basically a batch script for automating Windows PC decrapifying tasks. There's a script I use to automate proprietary tools, and there's another version (although less effective) that I can distribute via GitHub. The post concerning the proprietary version and how to set it up is here.

Date: December 2014


This is a small streaming player for chiptune and it's native formats like .mod. Original post here, or check it out on GitHub.

Date: January 2014

Connect 4 CLI

A small experiment for Python command line interface development. Turned out great. This project is essentially Connect 4 in a terminal, playable over the network. Read more about it here, and on GitHub.

Date: January 2014

Bot in a Box

Here's the post about it. An arduino-based robot platform I was planning on expanding. I eventually added a camera and an RPi to the mix, but sadly my 8.4V NIMH battery died. I yet have to get a new one. Plus my RPi seems to have been damaged by under-voltage (just a guess) because the OS gets corrupted every five minutes and I need to reformat the SD card. LMR page

Date: March 2013